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I’m developing a game for the NES, and I recently got a couple of flashable UNROM-512 PCBs from Broke Studio. To program these boards, I’m using the Kazzo cartridge Dumper-Programmer from Infinite NES Lives - this is the older, discontinued version of the hardware based on the AVR / ATMEGA microcontroller. I didn’t have success using the old INL retro-prog v1.1beta.exe software for programming these boards, but the newer software works. In case anyone else is interested, here’s what I did…


  1. Get the INL retro programmer-dumper software here: or from the BrokeStudio fork.
  2. Follow the instructions in the readme for installing the driver and updating the firmware on the kazzo device.
  3. As mentioned in the discussion here, get the modified mapper30v2 lua script file and replace the file in \INL-retro-progdump\host\scripts\nes.
  4. With the kazzo device in run mode and the UNROM-512 cart inserted, execute the following command from the \INL-retro-progdump\host directory.
inlretro.exe -s scripts\inlretro2.lua -c NES -x 512 -m mapper30v2 -p <path_to_nes_file>

Important: the input file should be a full NES file, not just the PRG binary data. It needs to include a NES header.

Example output

If everything works, you should see output like so:

Successfully found and connected to INL retro-prog
Device firmware version: 2.1.x
firmware app ver request:       3
checking for old firmware
later firmware sensed, running current script
Testing         MAP30
attempting to detect NES/FC mapper via mirroring...
vertical mirroring sensed
detected RAM @ PPU $    1000
EXP0 pull-up test:      15
reading PRG-ROM manf ID
attempted read PRG-ROM manf ID: BF
attempted read PRG-ROM prod ID: B7

erasing MAP30
42      naks, done erasing prg.

Programming PRG-ROM flash
writting PRG bank:      0        of     31.0
writting PRG bank:      4        of     31.0
writting PRG bank:      8        of     31.0
writting PRG bank:      12       of     31.0
writting PRG bank:      16       of     31.0
writting PRG bank:      20       of     31.0
writting PRG bank:      24       of     31.0
writting PRG bank:      28       of     31.0
Done Programming PRG-ROM flash
total time:     43.374  seconds, average speed: 11.80   KBps